Mathematical Sciences play a prominent role in the development and discovery of science and technology. The demand and expectation on sciences, technology and mathematical sciences will only increase in future.

Founded in 2008 by the master mathematician Prof. Shing-Tung Yau, the S. -T. Yau High School Science Award inspires scientific innovations and is designed for Chinese high school students all over the world. Advocating innovative thinking and collaborative spirits, the Award dispenses with paper-delivered test format or standardized test answers and instead gives students the opportunity to participate by submitting academic papers. The Award aims at promoting the development of science education in high schools, stimulating students’ research interests and innovative capabilities, as well as discovering and cultivating young talents in scientific disciplines.


  • Stimulate students’ interest in mathematical research among high school students
  • Encourage innovation in mathematical thinking among high school students
  • Cultivate young mathematics talents
  • Encourage articulation between high school teachers and university professors
Winners of 2016 S. -T. Yau High School Science Award (Mathematics)

S. -T. Yau High School Science Award (Mathematics) Winner, 2016

Gold Award
1. Guangdong Experimental High School
A Class of Convex Curves Arising in Capillary Floating Problem
Members: Shilun Li
Tutor: Yidong Wu

Silver Award
2. Tsinghua University High School
Voronoi Diagrams on Line Networks and Their Applications
Member: Zehan Hu, Zeyu Wang
Teacher: Qingming YangBronze Award
1. Shanghai High School
On the decomposition of sets of consecutive integers
Member: Junhao Fan
Teacher: Bin Gu2. Affiliated Middle School of South China Normal University
Brocard Conguration in q-period Loop Broken Line
Member: Zhiyuan Zhang, Jianxiang Tan
Teacher: Xinghuai Li

3. International School of Boston
Geometric Compression Based on Ricci Flow and Monge-Ampere Equation
Member:Bella Gu
Teacher: David Xianfeng Gu

Honorable Mentions
1. Affiliated Middle School of South China Normal University
Constructing Evans triangle with Pell equation
Member: Wensen Wu
Teacher: Jingwei Ge

2. Tsinghua University High School
Counting the number of permutations with longest increasing subsequence of a certain length
Member: Zhiming Feng
Teacher: Jianchuan Zeng

3. Jinling High School Hexi Campus
The Number of Subtrees of Trees with Given Diameter
Member: Zichong Chen
Teacher: Yunbiao Liu

4. Tsinghua University High School
The Extension of Euler’s Formula and Its Applications
Member: Jinyi Wang, Honglin Zhu
Teacher: Qingming Yang

5. Hangzhou Foreign Languages School
Acute Triangulation of Rectangles
Member: Yibin Zhang, Xiaoyang Sun, Zhiyuan Fan
Teacher: Dongbo Lu

Finalist Awards
1. High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Jia Ding)
Infnite-Dimensional Generalizations of Orthogonal Groups over Hilbert Spaces : Constructions and Properties
Member: Jianwen Luo
Teacher: Yunhe Chen

2. High School Affiliated to Zhejiang Normal University
Virtual Magnifying Glass Based on Optimal Mass Transportation
Member: Chenxi Li
Teacher: Yudong Shen

3. Guangdong Experimental High School
Lehmers Totient Problem Over Z/ pn z[x]
Member: Leiyu Gong
Teacher: Junjie Zhang

4. Chengdu Experimental Foreign Languages School
On prime elements in arithmetic progressions and Riemann hypothesis over function fields
Member: Zihan Zhang
Teacher: Dongchun Han

5. The Affiliated High School of Peking University
Motion in Quantum-Classical Transition via ODM
Member: Weichen Gao
Teacher: Shengjing Sang

6. Tsinghua University High School
Establishment and Numerical Solution of Differential Equations for the Composition of Multiple Free Radical Copolymer
Member: Wentao Zeng, Yuhong Ning, Jiaxu Ma
Teacher: Yachao Qi

7. Danbury Math Academy
Color QR Code with Pseudo Quantum Steganography and M-band Wavelet and Patch Group Prior based Denoising
Member:Julia Yu, Sarah Zhao
Teacher: Xiaodi Wang

Winners of 2015 Dongrun-Yau Science Award (Mathematics) S. -T. Yau High School Science Award (Mathematics) Winner, 2015
Gold Award
1. No.2 Secondary School Attached to East China Normal University
An Asymptotic Formula in Number Theory
Members: Zhenhua Liu
Tutor: Zhongyuan Dai

Silver Award
1. High School Affiliated to Fudan University, Pudong Campus
On the evaluation of some in_nite series
Members: Zihong Chen
Tutor: Junjie Wen

2. High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Investigation on a Class of Infinite Number Sequences Which Satisfy Benford’s Law
Members: Deshu Chen
Tutor: Lei Hou

3. Neuqua Valley High School, USA
A Proof of the Yau Geometric Conjecture in 6 Dimensions
Members: Sarvasva Raghuvanshi
Tutor: Stephen S.-T. Yau

Bronze Award
1. Beijing National Day School
Estimate of the electric potential outside a bounded charged conductor
Members: Jianyou Wang
Tutor: Guoshuang Pan

2. Beijing 101 Middle School
Study on High-dimensional Extension of Pick’s Theorem
Members: Guangyuan Zhu
Tutor: Jianyu Liu

3. Dongguan Middle School, SSL School
Some New Littlewood-Type Inequalities
Members: Tao Li
Tutor: Dongsheng Wen

4. The Affiliated High School of SCNU
Probability of an Acute Triangle in the Two-dimensional Spaces of Constant Curvature
Members: Ziyuan Lv, Yuyu Guo
Tutor: Jizhu Wei

5. Shenzhen High School
Three Generalizations of the Secretary Problem
Members: Zhe Kong, Yilin Ye
Tutor: Wentao Zhang

6. Woodbridge High School, USA
A Coordinate Descent Method for Robust Matrix Factorization and Applications
Members: Spencer Sheen
Tutor: Hongkai Zhao